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Welcome to Sandlea Associates

Coaching, Facilitation and Leadership Development - inspiring and developing business leaders, empowering your teams

We work with leaders of, and managers in, SMEs, helping you to rise above the day-to-day, see clearly the things you need to do – and how to achieve them. 

We’re not sharp-suited business coaches with a book full of formulae and a back-catalogue of PowerPoint presentations. We use the most helpful tools, it’s true, but mostly we draw on our vast experience (‘doing’ as well as coaching), using emotional intelligence and common sense to help you tackle things you’ve never experienced and see your business from a different perspective.

Our approach starts and ends with your business – what the business leader wants to achieve. Along the way, however, we help your team within the business to be more knowledgeable, effective and usually much happier, too.

Think of us as the non-executive you don’t have – someone who understands your business and fills the skills gap, looking after your interests and sharing your goals in a non-threatening (but challenging) way. We’re the peer who helps you see the big picture yet a flexible resource you can turn on and off as required.

We generally work with businesses with 1-100 staff, most of which have grown organically and find they now need help to consolidate and develop further.

Our coaching and training can combine individual and team sessions, helping with leadership team meetings and facilitating away-days.

We are also qualified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Belbin Team Roles enabling you and your teams to gain a better understanding of each other, your strengths and your areas of development. 

Above all we believe a better business life leads to a richer personal life. Not just financially (although this helps) but also by improving other qualities such as balance, reduced stress and fulfilment.

Take a few minutes to read one or two short case studies – ‘from the horse’s mouth’ accounts of how Sandlea’s coaching, training and facilitation have enriched businesses and the lives of those who lead them.

Then contact us to find out how we might be able to help you.

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