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About me?

After all, there are hundreds of business coaches and trainers around...

Your business is your livelihood and your passion. It’s vital to find the right help and coaching to suit you and the organisation.

I’m Ian Banister, business coach and trainer and, effectively, 90 per cent of Sandlea Associates. I’m not a formulaic business coach. I use emotional intelligence and (all-too-uncommon) common sense to amplify my considerable real-time experience working in large and small organisations.

I’ve worked with, and studied, a wide variety of people for a long time. I’ve witnessed staff earning enough to keep them going week-to-week and those who drive their own education and performance. I have learned, and continue to learn, from people: what they do, what works, what doesn’t.

Originally a quantity surveyor, I became a project manager and then an operations director. The latter company was an SME which we grew to become a FTSE 250 operator. The operations director role indulged my fascination for leadership and people development. I realised, more than ever, that business success is about the people who work in it.

Listening to, and talking with, people and understanding the issues became my passion. I took the role of lead facilitator and integrated sales and customer service throughout the organisation. The growth of the company meant regularly-changing approaches but I was resolute that we always understood the need for, rather than blindly following, each process.

In the final years before establishing Sandlea Associates I worked for an executive training company, developing and leading bespoke programmes in business strategy, sales targeting and marketing as well as one-to-one coaching and consultancy for directors and senior managers.

Since establishing Sandlea Associates I have worked across the UK with individuals and teams, driving business improvement through the very heart of an organisation and through its differing functions.

Even when the solution is very clear, my mantra is not to tell, but to help. I bring examples to life through experience, not through PowerPoint presentations and bullet points. I like to think of myself as the friendly colleague who helps, emotionally and practically.

During my career I have met and worked within many business environments across the UK and through Sandlea Associates I have developed a small number of tried and trusted colleagues who I will involve in projects where I consider their particular expertise and experience is required to meet the clients needs and assuring you of the very best, at all times.

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