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To achieve your common objectives

We help a group of people understand their common objectives and assist them on how to achieve these objectives enabling them to work in a way that suits them and the wider team.

Sandlea Associates can provide you with a bespoke facilitation service, that will give you the right blend of interpersonal skills, expert facilitation tools, processes and techniques to ensure your objectives are met.  We will provide structured settings for groups to come together, either for generating ideas, brainstorming solutions or making important decisions. When your meeting outcome stakes are high, a well-designed, interactive and properly facilitated meeting can make all the difference.

Some examples of the types of facilitation we offer are:

·    Board or senior management meetings

·    Team meetings

·    Strategic planning and innovation workshops

·    Collaboration workshops

·    Engagement workshops

·    Team building events and conferences

How does it work?

We provide an environment that feels safe, giving the group space and structure to help focus on the task. We identify with the group what they want to achieve, making sure along the way that they address the important and sometimes more difficult issues.

Our role as a facilitator is to get the group to open up, encourage dialogue in a stimulating way, bringing ideas out from the group and helping them to listen to each other, further their knowledge and make informed decisions. Along the way we will challenge and question the group to develop their thinking, facilitate meaningful discussions, ensuring every member of the group has a voice and is to provide a full contribution. If necessary, we will introduce frameworks and insights from the business world that will provide an insight into discussing and ultimately resolving an issue.

At the end of the session, we will recap with the group that the objective of the workshop has been achieved and the key actions have been. Post workshop we will seek feedback and ensure that the group are following up on their actions. Where we think it neccesary facilitation can be combined with a coaching programme to provide greater insights and faster results.

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