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Business Coaching

In the interest of you and the business

Our coaching involves helping you to step out of your everyday business activities and see things clearly and/or differently. It means encouraging you as a business leader or manager to draw conclusions about how to resolve issues, grow the business, or whatever you wish to achieve. Sometimes we also draw upon mentoring – sharing experiences and applying them to your business. At other times we include consultancy in our approach, such as creating templates for your business.

Most business environments change regularly and sometimes this can be bewildering, including presenting you with situations you haven’t had to tackle before. We help business leaders step out from working in the business and help them work on the business.

Some examples of the type of coaching we offer include: 

·        1-2-1 coaching with the Managing Director

·        Team coaching with the senior leadership team

·        1-2-1 coaching with a member of the team

·        Team coaching with a department or service group

How does it work?

Your business and your situation are unique. So we’re not prescriptive and we’re very flexible.

For most coaching, most commonly we recommend between three & six sessions to begin with, of two-to-three hours each over a period of three months or so (but if you only want an hour and you only have time in the evening, we can accommodate you). We explore your issues, what you have tried, the possible solutions and identify with you the key actions for you to try. Then we discuss the results the next time we meet.

You may like to read in our reviews  about how this works in practice.

Then get in touch to discuss the first steps towards lightening your load and strengthening your business.


‘Ian has a very wise and experienced pair of eyes. He looks at PDP and its markets from the outside in and reports back candidly on what he sees. When you’re running a business that kind of insight is very precious.’

Mike Parry, Managing Director, PDP Security

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