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What do we have to offer?

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To help you decide what you need, it might be useful to define the services we offer when you work with Sandlea Associates. We work with you to help you focus on the areas of your business that will make a difference and identify the action that you need to take to move you and your team forward.

What we do: Services

Business Coaching

In the interest of your business

Business coaching involves helping you to step out of your everyday business activities and see things clearly and/or differently. It means encouraging you as a business leader or manager to draw conclusions about how to resolve issues, grow the business, or whatever you wish to achieve. Sometimes we also draw in mentoring – sharing experiences and applying them to your business. At other times we also include consultancy in our approach, such as creating templates for your business.


‘Ian has really helped me to change the way we operate as a business, and change the way I work as an individual. It’s made a vast impact on our sales and turnover…and my work/life balance has really improved.’

Andy Chapman, Managing Director, Ventrus Networks Ltd

You may like to read in our case studies about how this works in practice.

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