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Leadership and your people, the only way

In developing your team, you grow the business

Karl Snelling, Managing Director, GDS Instruments


I have known Ian for six years, meeting him for the first time on a leadership programme he was facilitating where his style of delivery alongside his ability to ask the challenging but relevant questions really motivated me to look at my style of leadership.

What was the issue?

This process helped me as I transitioned into the Managing Director role at GDS instruments and following my appointment I had no hesitation in asking Ian to come into the business to assist me in structuring the business and developing my senior leadership team.

What did Ian do to help?

Ian has provided coaching support to several aspiring managers in the business and this has proved invaluable in developing them both personally and as strategic thinkers in the business.

Ian has also facilitated a Myers Brigg workshop which has helped the leadership team to develop a much deeper understanding of each other and their inter-relationships. I would recommend any team to take the time out for this enlightening opportunity to learn more about each other.

What was the outcome?

I have no doubt that without Ian’s support and guidance the business and the people in it GDS would not be in the strong market position that it is now.

Leadership and your people, the only way: Project
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