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Myers Briggs Type Instrument

How can it help you?

Access the deep personality insights needed to get to the root of difficult development challenges, understanding the whole person

The Myers-Briggs instrument is a simple yet highly versatile tool that helps businesses address a wider range of issues than any other instrument. With an unparalleled pedigree, it has helped millions of people around the world to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how they interact with others, hitting at the heart of who they are and inspiring them to significantly increase their effectiveness.

The MBTI tool delivers reliable personality insights, helping to drive tangible improvements to working relationships and productivity for individuals, teams and whole organisations.

By embedding MBTI into your organisation, you will lay a positive foundation of type knowledge that can be applied repeatedly to multiple business issues over time, giving the tool a unique longevity unrivalled by other instruments, and providing excellent value. Equally, the tool can be used to zoom in on a specific business need, producing focused improvements.

Starting with a basic understanding of simple personality differences, the Myers-Briggs assessment provides a common language to easily explain the complexities of different personalities.
Achieving your performance goals doesn’t have to be complicated.

The range of easy-to-use, insightful reports that can be generated from MBTI allows individuals to perfect their skills, and organisations to get the very best out of their talent.

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