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Leadership and People Development Training

Knowledge is power

Our first steps are to explore with you the fundamentals of your business. Then we can discuss its strengths and areas of development for the people in the business and identify the training needs of both the teams and individuals which will allow them to excel in their own role and gain a healthy understanding of the key business needs and skills required in an ever-developing business world.

Some of the examples of training workshops we provide:

·        Myers Briggs Type Instrument – individual or team assessment

·        Belbin team development

·        Strategic management and business planning

·        Leadership development

·        Marketing and Sales workshops

·        Performance management and SMART objectives

·        Managing meetings

How does it work?

We would commonly meet with you and members of your team to discuss your specific training needs, the previous training that has taken place and to understand the environment and sector in which your company operates.

Based on your training needs we will develop bespoke training programmes either for a one-off workshop or for a series of sessions over several months; in short whatever works for your business and the team. We can arrange off site venues or meet in the workplace and manage the whole process for you from start to finish.

We will always ask for feedback from the delegates as well as providing the senior management with a report identifying any further development needs for both individuals and the business.

Whatever combination of training you feel you and your team need, let’s discuss the benefits you seek and the best way to achieve them.


‘I’m really pleased with what we are achieving together. Ian is incredibly helpful to the business and excellent value for money. I would highly recommend him.’

Steve Jones, Managing Director, European Active Projects Ltd


‘…There was a brilliant mix of people which added a deep richness to the experience. Each one had a passion for what they do, which was invigorating.’

Pat Edwards, CEO, NEWTEC

Leadership and People Development Training: Services
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