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Key Benefits

  • Cover any development need with a single tool that you can keep coming back to as new questions arise

  • Save time and money by gaining maximum benefit from a single questionnaire, building up knowledge and experience cumulatively

  • Deliver quality-assured results that address a wider range of business issues than any other personality assessment

  • Access the deep personality insights needed to get to the root of difficult development challenges, understanding the whole person

  • Create a more productive working culture with a simple, accessible framework for identifying personality differences and similarities

Key Features

  • Uniquely combines deep personality insight with broad coverage of business issues

  • Sorts people into one of 16 easy-to-remember types, providing a common language that acknowledges that all types have value

  • Carries outstanding credentials, backed by over 6,000 independent research papers, for results you can trust

  • Provides powerful problem-solving with comprehensive application reports that let you get straight to the heart of a single issue, or work through a broad spectrum of applications

MBTI - Benefits and Features: Services
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